The Problem:
DDoS Attacks

The high level of dependency on technology and the internet today has resulted in opportunities for cyber attackers to exploit and significantly disrupt business operations through Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Cybercrime damages is predicted to reach USD $6 TRILLION annually by 2021

Average cost for cyber security was USD$11.7 MILLION for companies in 2017

The scale, sophistication and financial consequences of cyber attacks is growing in prominence every day, targeting and impacting millions of people, businesses, and institutions all around the world.

To defend against DDoS attacks which have become more sophisticated and frequent with time, end-users, businesses including cryptocurrency exchanges need a breakthrough solution in network security protection.

DEFENSOR™ will provide:

Faster Threat Detection & Response

DEFENSOR™ will be using a grid defense method powered by millions of smart devices located across different locations around the world - this allows the platform to intelligently detect any potential network security threats and dynamically defend the system from attacks at unparalleled speed.

Cost Effective

By crowdsourcing idle computing power and network bandwidth from millions of smart devices around the world, the DEFENSOR™ platform will be low-cost, secure and scalable by leveraging off redundant power, bandwidth, and storage resources.

Rapid Scalability Potential

The DEFENSOR™ platform will consist of a multi-chain architecture with an Ethereum-based mainchain and several sidechains which will enable the platform to scale quickly without overloading and compromising the mainchain functionality.

DEF Tokens:
Help Defend Our Global Networks From Cyber Attacks

2 billion

DEF tokens minted

400 million

Tokens for sale


Price per Token (USD)

$40 million

Hard Cap (USD)

ERC 20

Token Standard (Ethereum)


White Paper released,
Private Placement open
May 2018
Pre-Sale open
June 2018
Pre-Sale close
July 2018
Public Sale launch
August 2018
Wallet and prototype of the blockchain released to public
Q3 2018
Anti-DDoS on Ethernet MVP
Q4 2018


Deployment of Anti-DDoS DApp on Ethernet, Anti-DDoS DEF API release
Q1 2019
Q2 DEF mainchain MVP
Q2 2019
DEF mainchain launch
Q3 2019
DEF sidechain API release
Q4 2019

Founding Team

Adam McBride, CEO


Pawel Kowalski


Bernhard R. Bowitz, Dr.


Kermit Liao


Kevin (Kamal) Narang


Zhang Pu, Director


Karl Zhang, CTO


Kristy Wu



Constant Tong


Nicko Tang