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Defensor chain Video
Platform overview
The DEF takes massive family ARM intelligent device as the main node, and use block chain technology to manage, schedule and keep accounts, so as to form an independent and professional block chain security physical network.

DEF system

The DEF consists of a main chain and multiple side chains. The biggest difference between the DEF and the traditional single chain system is that DEF is a multiple chain ecosystem in which the main chain and side chain coexist. Based on the block chain of the serial architecture, DEF puts forward that the core business shall have side chain, which is separated from the basic business, so as to reduce the pressure of main chain , and make the side chain more professional.

DEF side chain

The DEF side chain is mainly to build professional security business, so as to provide professional security services for DAPP applications on the main chain. The overall design framework of DEF is just like building a "business security core circle". Every industry can build its own business on the DAPP application platform on the main chain, and protect itself by scheduling side chains according to their needs.
Multi-platform client and DEF node
Custom event tracking

Across platforms client

DEF can install the client-end software of Defenser and join the DEF platform to become the Defenser through purchasing the mining machines (professional defence, acceleration equipment) of Defenser or personal idle equipment (such as personal computer, mobile phone, Pad, router and STB).
User profiles

DEF Portable mining machine

You can enjoy the smart hardware service by placing the intelligent cloud box in any place that can be connected to a router with power on.
User profiles

DEF intelligent Cloud box

Equipped with the top chip in the industry, the performance is comparable to PC. With the latest DEF system, it provides DDoS attack protection, shared computing and other services for the whole network
User profiles

The professional DEF pool

It schedules professional intelligent equipment (mining machines or servers, etc.) Because of its powerful performance, it can provide more professional and stable sharing resource.
Custom event tracking
DEF development roadmap
  • DEF V1.0 2018
  • DEF V2.0 2019
  • DEF V3.0 2020
  • DEF V4.0 2021
  • 2018-03
    White Paper and DEF Official Website Launched
  • 2018-03~04
    Presale and Public sale
  • 2018-07
    security wallet APP launched
  • 2018-12
    construction of security chain framework
  • First half of 2019
    released security hardware wallet, security chain user authentication system
  • In mid-2019
    released security miner machine
  • In the second half of 2019,
    DDoS defense will be deployed in the security chain and the network security defense system will be released
  • In the first half of 2020
    defensor security chain dispatching system will be deployed and the security chain
    information verify system will be released
  • Second half of 2020
    defensor security chain CDN accelerated release data security storage system
  • 2021
    Released defensor smart contracts and decentralized application platform, update chain and the main interface